SkytheKidRS is a famous Minecraft player. He became famous by making mod showcases.

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes


He is a pretty nice Guy and popular, except when he sees a squid he will go wild. He loves Butter (Gold) but when you steal his butter he might get a hard revenge on you. He is a good guy when he talks to people except squid-loving people.


He wears Black Shades, Has a Brown or Black Hair. He wears Bronw or Grey Uniform with some sort of Butter Ring in his chest. He also wears gloves and pants with Brown or Gray Colored Pants.


  • Butter - He calls Gold Butter he loves butter is because maybe he loves butter in real life.
  • You can't tame me I'm untamable - He says this Cathphrases whenever someone attacks him.